With Us, You'll Know What You're Paying

It's happened to just about every one of us. You want to go buy something, and the people selling it to you tell you a price. Like any normal person with common sense, you think that this is the price that you're actually going to be paying, but then you go to pay and all these hidden fees come out of the woodwork. It's not right and it drives us crazy. So, we're looking to fix that problem.

When you buy with us, we will give you upfront pricing, and we will also show you the hidden surcharges that our competitors will swing on you depending on the Ford model you want. This includes close to $1,300 in surcharges on a Ford F-150. That's $1,300 more than what you were expecting to pay. We don't believe in hiding these freight charges. We shouldn't have to try and trick you into going for a vehicle by dangling a lower price in your face.

We're here to get you into the perfect Ford for you through the easiest and most enjoyable car-buying process possible, and that starts with the price tag. This process is also about informing you on the vehicles and prices you have to choose from, so at the very least go to our upfront pricing page to so we can inform you on the surcharges our competitors will throw on you. For more information regarding pricing, financing or any of our models in stock, please feel free to contact us directly on our website.

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