Ford F-250 or F-350 SuperDuty Truck Might be Just What You Need

Is it time for a new truck? We would love to have you visit us in Fredericksburg to check out new SuperDuty pickup trucks. Ford’s lineup of heavy duty trucks includes something for every truck enthusiast. Each model is competent on a job site and will happily take you on a camping vacation, and things only get better as you move up the trim levels.


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Ford’s SuperDuty Lineup Offers the Most Automotive Muscle You Can Get

Ford’s 2017 SuperDuty lineup includes the best-in-class payload and tow ratings. Properly equipped, a Ford SuperDuty can haul up to 7,630 pounds and tow up to 32,500 pounds- more than any other heavy duty truck. With 925 pound-feet of torque, even the heaviest items are a walk in the park! The available factory-installed gooseneck stays flat in the bed until you need it; when you’re ready, it’s just a matter of popping in the hitch.

Nobody Makes Towing Easier than Ford

Ford offers all kinds of tech features to save you time. A high-mounted camera can help you match up trailer and gooseneck hitch. In fact, you can get cameras all over the place so you’ll always know what’s around you. Ford’s blind spot detection extends to your trailer, and trailer backup assistance helps you navigate tricky parking lots or work areas. You can also check your trailer’s tire pressure from your cab, just like you can with the truck’s tires.

In-Cab Storage is Convenient

In-cab storage couldn’t be easier with the SuperCab and Crew Cab models. Simply fold the rear seats for a class-exclusive flat load floor. Plenty of room for tools, gear, or any items you need to keep in a dry, locked cab. The four-door Crew Cab can also come with a class-exclusive lockable box under the rear seat, so your valuables won’t even be visible to the nefarious passerby.

Find Your Ford SuperDuty in Fredericksburg

Naturally, we are big fans of Ford trucks. The 2017 SuperDuty lineup is better than ever. Please don’t hesitate to come in for a test drive- we’d love to help you get into one of the best trucks money can buy.

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