Ford innovations lead to a quieter, more comfortable cabin for the upcoming 2020 Ford Explorer

If you've been following the Ford newswire as closely as we have recently, chances are you've heard there are some big changes on the way for the upcoming 2020 Ford Explorer. But while the sporty Ford Explorer ST and Ford Explorer Hybrid are the big headline-grabbers in the lineup, there's also some subtle under-the-surface improvements coming to this midsize SUV that promise to make a lot more appealing for parents. In fact, the 2020 2Ford Explorer isn't just more powerful and forward-thinking than ever, it's also quieter than ever before.

Now, if you've got little ones around that car seat age, you know that sometimes there's no amount of lullabies and gentle rocking that can send them off to dreamland. In fact, the only thing that lulls many children off to sleep is a ride around the block. But errant road noise can turn a dozing baby into a cranky one quite quickly. Luckily, outside noise is something the upcoming 2020 Ford Explorer is well-equipped to handle.

With a dual-wall dashboard and dual-panel front glass, the 2020 Ford Explorer provides additional buffer between the cabin, the engine compartment, and the outside world. Additionally, the 2020 Ford Explorer features an innovative Active Noise Control system integrated with its sounds system. This cutting-edge technology actually cancels out low and mid-frequency road noises from some wind, acceleration, and road conditions by projecting an opposing frequency to cancel it out. How cool is that?

All told, there's a number of different design features and systems working in concert to make the cabin of the 2020 Ford Explorer the quietest and most comfortable in the industry. And if you'd like to learn more about innovations that make the 2020 Ford Explorer a great SUV for families before it comes out this summer, drop by our Fredericksburg, VA Ford showroom to have a chat with our team today.

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