Ford Commercial Trucks and Vans Help Business Owners in Fredericksburg


If you're a business owner that's in need of a fleet of options to meet your everyday demands, we're here to lend a helping hand at Purvis Ford. As a commercial vans and trucks provider for all of Fredericksburg, we can discuss the choices and find the ideal fits for your business needs.

With both vans and trucks available, you can choose many options for your fleet. Starting with the vans, there's the Ford Transit Connect, which is a compact van that's a standout for small transport needs like delivery, catering and florists. It also has plenty of versatility for tools and equipment for plumbers, elections, and others in the trades. The same is true for the Ford Transit Cargo Van options. They come in different sizes based on wheelbase and roof size offering generous cargo area and the ability to customize it with cargo racks and shelf units as well as having a van that you can stand up in to work on the go, with rear doors that open all the way back so you can get cargo in with ease. There's also large sliding doors onboard as well. Whether it's for cargo, or if you want one of the many Transit Passenger Van options, you're covered here at Purvis Ford in Fredericksburg.

As for the commercial trucks, you'll find stalwarts like the Ford F-150 along with the Ford Heavy Duty lineup with the F-250 and F-350 available. There's also options that provide Chassis Cab choices to configure it to the needs of your business while getting the requisite toughness you desire across the board.

Our team is here to discuss Ford commercial vehicles here in our showroom and provide you with details on the benefits each one provides. Contact us to get started and we can help you with your business needs today.

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