There are lots of reasons to buy or finance a pre-owned Ford from Purvis Ford. With a selection that includes dozens of low-mileage Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs, Purvis is your source for quality used Ford vehicles at great prices.

Five Reasons to Buy a Used Ford From Purvis Ford

  1. CARFAX® Vehicle History Reports. Every pre-owned vehicle in the Purvis Ford inventory comes complete with a CARFAX® Vehicle History Report that provides you with a detailed history of the vehicle, including service records, title history, the number of owners, and information on whether it has been in an accident.
  2. Huge Savings. One of the best things about buying a used Ford is the fact that a new vehicle loses up to 30% of its value within the first two years. After the initial loss in value, depreciation proceeds much more slowly for the rest of the vehicle's life.
  3. Low Miles. Purvis Ford has lots of used Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs that have been returned after short leases, which means we have a large inventory of vehicles with fewer than 30,000 miles on the odometer. You can get a used Ford with low miles at a fraction of the new price at Purvis Ford.
  4. Longevity. They say that they don't build like they used to, but the actual truth is that vehicles last longer now than ever before. I used Ford that receives proper maintenance, including factory-recommended maintenance, can last as many as 200,000 miles or more.
  5. More Vehicle for Your Money. If a new Ford F-150 or Ford Explorer is just out of your budget—or the higher trim levels are—a used version of the same vehicle may be available used for thousands less than new. Leather upholstery and more powerful engines are suddenly a lot more affordable with a two-year old car.

Find Your Used Ford at Purvis Ford

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