There's a reason SUVs are growing more popular as time passes on. At Purvis Ford in Fredericksburg, we are proud to offer a great line up of Ford SUVs at affordable prices. Choose from a variety of models, including the Ford EcoSport, Ford Escape, Ford Explorer, Ford Expedition, and even the Ford Edge to be paired up with match best suited for you.

Why Are SUVs Becoming So Popular?

The growing popularity of the modern-day SUV can likely be attributed to many things, and attractiveness is one of them. With a sleek and contemporary edge, many SUVs are more appealing than the standard minivan released decades ago that many of us were too embarrassed to drive.

More than physical appearance, however, is the SUVs functional nature. Its sheer size alone allows for plenty of headroom and leg space, while providing extra storage for packing your cargo. Moreover, SUVs make great family vehicles as they provide extra seating options that other vehicles don't, making it a perfect pick for life on the go.

What Else Does Driving an SUV Offer?

Are you worried about your safety? You should be. As such, we are proud to say that an SUV yields just as much in safety as it does in size, room, and appearance. Equipped with potential safety features like all-speed traction control, anti-lock brake systems, side airbags, and available 4WD, you can drive confidently in treacherous weather knowing your SUV has your back.

A Winner on the Road

All in all, a Ford SUV is a great choice when choosing a vehicle to take with you on the road. From good looks to spacious cabs, the SUV has plenty to offer families and people looking to transport pets, people, supplies, and cargo from one place to the next.

Thinking an SUV might be a great fit for you? Whether you’re in Spotsylvania or King George, visit us at Purvis Ford in Fredericksburg and take one out for a test drive! Stafford customers can also check out our SUV models online as well.

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