Are you thinking of snagging a new truck? Why not go with Ford? Dependable and very capable, these trucks live up to their reputation of being built Ford tough. Check out our popular Ford truck models like the F-150 Ranger, Transit Connect Commercial, Superduty, and Transit Commercial. At Purvis Ford, we can match you with the truck you need!

Why Purchase a Truck?

If you don't already know, trucks come with many perks. They can be utilized in many ways that make them practical, dependable, and reliable. They also look great, especially in recent years.

Some common benefits that trucks can provide drivers in Spotsylvania include:


Trucks are built for a challenge. Depending on the type of truck you get, it could include a flatbed with storage space to transport heavy equipment, supplies, and large objects.

Towing Abilities

Yes, there are other types of vehicles that technically tow, but trucks are on another level. Some of the newest released models can pull unbelievable amounts of weight, making them beyond useful when various needs arise in Strafford.

Command Seating and Other Safety Features

We all love the feeling of being in control, and this even more so when we are in our vehicle.

As such, command seating is a practical way in which safety can be increased while out on the road. Sitting high up enables you to see upcoming obstacles faster than you would at road level. In addition, many trucks today are equipped with specialized safety features aimed at keeping you and your passengers safe on your journey.

Overall, purchasing a truck has many benefits. Apart from looks, trucks offer great amenities that attract vehicle shoppers in King George, including durability, towing capabilities, and safety options.

If you are interested in taking one of our Ford trucks out for a test drive, stop in and see us at Purvis Ford today! Check out our truck inventory online as well.

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