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Buy Or Lease Your Next Ford In Fredericksburg, VA

When the time comes for you to buy or lease your next vehicle, the entire process should be a breeze. Choosing Purvis Ford for your next car, truck or SUV will always allow for that, as we offer a pressure-free shopping environment, an attentive and respectful staff, clear prices and the best lease deals and auto loans in the greater Fredericksburg, VA area.

Because we're firm believers in making car buying and leasing a seamless process, we promise to work harder than our neighboring dealerships in and around Stafford, Spotsylvania and King George to help you find the most ideal vehicle for you at the best price possible. We've got the newest Ford model lineup ready and waiting for you here in Fredericksburg, VA, alongside a great selection of certified pre-owned models and used cars. Whatever you're looking for, whether it's a new Ford SUV or an affordable, high-quality used car, we can ensure that you find it.

Ford Leases and Loans That Are Catered To You - Start Your Application Today!

Before you lock in on the new Ford model you love for your adventures in Stafford, you need to know what you are working with. That starts with filling out the Ford financing application. This will give you an idea of what your monthly payments could look like. Spend a couple of minutes telling us a little bit about yourself and your financial situation. Before you know it, you are armed with the best rates available from our network of reputable lenders. You choose the rates that work for you and head into Purvis Ford to get down to business.

Choose to Buy or Lease Your Next Ford

Perhaps the biggest choice, besides the kind of vehicle you need, is will you purchase or finance your next car? Do you know the difference? Which one will benefit your situation best? Are you ready to commit to your next vehicle? Or do you like to keep your options open? Do you prefer to keep your monthly payments down? These are all questions you should ask yourself to consider how you want to pay for your next car.

  • Buying or Financing: This method means you are in for the long haul. You plan on driving your new Ford for the coming years. Typically, this involves taking out a loan from one of the reputable lenders in our network. You pay back this loan with the intention of ultimately owning the car outright.
  • Leasing: With little to no down payment, you sign on for a set term of around three years or a pre-determined amount of miles. At the end of your term, you can choose to return the car and walk away, upgrade to a new model with new terms, or renew the terms on the same model. Leasing offers lower monthly payments because you only pay for the depreciation accrued while you drive it. You also save on maintenance fees, thanks to the great Ford warranty and time frame during which you are driving.

Whether you choose to lease or finance, each comes with its own benefits. So, talk to the experienced team in our finance center and figure out which suits you best.

Ford Specials

There is no better way to enjoy your new Ford as you cruise around King George than knowing you saved thousands on your favorite model. Purvis Ford lets you unlock unmatched new Ford offers and incentives to help put every Ford within your budget. From Ford cashback offers to incentives for Stafford first responders or Spotsylvania service members, you may qualify for any number of offers, just by being you. You can browse the available special offers when you search for the model that catches your eye or talk to our financing specialists to learn more.

What's Next

So, you know what kind of car you want. You have an idea of how much you are looking to spend. What do you do now? The simple answer is you head to Purvis Ford in Fredericksburg, VA, to lock in your new vehicle. But there is more to the process than you might think. Purvis Ford gives you the tools you need to complete the process. Do you plan on bringing your current car in for trade? Find out how much you can get in return with our value your trade tool. Discover financing specials to help you save on the model you love. When you take all of this information into account; your trade-in value, your financing rates, any offers or incentives, you are prepared to jump into your next new or used Ford.

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