How to report an accident to your insurance company and get ready for your trip to Purvis Ford:

- Call the responsible insurance company to report the accident, finish the question-and-answer portion of your claim. Your Insurance Company will provide you with a claim number.

- Let them know that you want to bring the vehicle to Purvis Ford

- Your claims representative will then inform you of their process on how to get an approved estimate.

  • You have the right by law to bring the vehicle to any Collision Center of your choice regardless of who the insurance company recommends.
  • Some insurance companies will require you to send in photos and they will email you an approved estimate.
  • Some will have you go to their preferred shops to get an estimate. Once you have that estimate you can bring a copy to Purvis Ford, we can use that estimate for the repairs.
  • Some will have you come directly to Purvis Ford. We can write the estimate and send it in for approval or your insurance company will send their assigned adjuster out to write the estimate at our shop.

- Remember to remove all valuables from your vehicle before it is dropped off for repair. i.e. garage door openers, EZ Pass, personal belongings, firearms


Every insurance company is different with their processes on how to get an approved estimate. If you have already received an estimate from the insurance company but it is lower or missing repairs, just bring in the approved estimate and we will supplement any missing damages to the insurance company once we get the vehicle into the shop for repairs.

  • Almost all the estimates that the insurance companies write are written lower. The process of us sending in for additional damages is normal and expected by all insurance companies.
  • Once we get an approved copy of the estimate, we will collect a parts deposit from you to order any parts, and get your repairs scheduled once the parts come in.