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Let a 2019 Ford Take You on the Ride of Your Life

Ford: An All-American Brand Known for Quality and Durability

Ford has been a mainstay in the auto market for decades. Known for creating quality vehicles and prompting constant innovation, this automaker offers a wide array of vehicles to meet the needs of every customer. Instead of simply focusing on trucks, compact cars or commercial vans, Ford has it all.

Daily Commuters

A full-time employee who does not work from home depends on their car to transport them to and from work on a daily basis. You want a reliable, dependable car that will be ready to go every morning and get you to work on time. Ford has a strong lineup of daily commuters in Fredericksburg, VA that are functional and dependable, yet innovative and fun. The Ford Fusion is one of the best-selling sedans Ford has to offer. Fuel efficiency and economical, the Fusion is a great asset to have. A Ford Edge is comparable to the Fusion but is differentiated based on the amount of allotted cargo space. The Ford Edge has a look that resembles a crossover but fuel efficiency that mimics a compact car.

For buyers who are looking for a vehicle that stands out, the Ford EcoSport, Ranger or Flex may be a good option. The EcoSport is a sub-compact SUV that offers 4WD for a perfect mixture of work and play. Similarly, the Ford Flex is a boxy, unique, full-size SUV that boasts additional cargo space and passenger seating. If you are looking for a bit more space in a compact vehicle, the Ford Ranger also fits into this category. Good for commuting or small jobs, the Ranger is a viable competitor.

Performance Contenders

When it comes to performance, nothing compares to the prestige and innate power of the Ford Mustang. The Ford Mustang is a name that is known in every home and is connected to horsepower. This vehicle has been diluted into affordable and manageable consumer options through the year, but the ultimate look and power of the Mustang is still prevalent.

Powerful Workhorses

Big jobs in Fredericksburg, VA call for big vehicles. A Ford Truck is a viable option for consumers who need a truck for business functionality or simply prefer the look and versatility of a pickup. The simplest variation of a vehicle that can be used in this manner is a Ford Expedition. Though this vehicle doesn't portray the typical pickup look, the Expedition has a great towing capacity, exceptional cargo space and a larger passenger quantity potential that pickup trucks.

If you are looking for a truck that is true to its name, the Ford F-150, Ford Superduty, or Chassis Cab are all potential candidates. Available are various price points, engine sizes, GVWR and towing capacity, Ford trucks are can be personalized and dialed in for each client's specific requirements. Classy interiors and upgraded technology are rounded out with a tough exterior and innovative safety features.

Commercial Endeavors

Businesses that are geared toward product distribution or passenger travel require more than just the aesthetic setup of a pickup truck. The Ford Transit Commercial van and the Econoline Cutaway are ideal for both types of commercial endeavors. Increased cargo space, additional interior passenger or cargo room and a versatile exterior are advantages that these vans offer. With a blank slate on the exterior of these vans that is perfect for customization or advertising and an interior that is configurable for each client, these vans can be changed to facilitate a unique image for your business.

Try Out a 2019 Ford Today

Whether you are unsure of the type of vehicle you are looking for or simply need to see these autos in person, come into Purvis Ford today to get your hands on a 2019 Ford. We will listen to your desires and concerns in order to get you in a vehicle that will add value to your life.